A Week of Firsts!


It’s hard to believe that we’ve been parents for over a week now! Addy is doing great as we are adjusting to life at home together. She has done and an excellent job feeding and loves to snuggle.

Addy 1st Week -10 Addy 1st Week -13

We have had many firsts this week as a family. We had our first bath which she was not a huge fan of, but we all survived. We have all gotten much more comfortable during bath time and it’s becoming a much smoother process.

First Bath -3First Bath -10First Bath -16

Addy also, had an exciting past Tuesday. She had her first taxi ride, doctors appointment, walk, shopping experience, lunch out, and poop explosion in her car seat. It was a busy, but very exciting day and she slept through most of it.  We both enjoyed getting out of the house. The doctors appointment went great and I really like our pediatrician. Addy is back to her birth weight and show no signs of jaundice, we go back next week for another check-up.photo 2 (7) copy 2

Today she had another dinning out experience at a popular restaurant here in Singapore, Din Tai Fung. I had wanted to take a picture there, but we had a mini meltdown as we were leaving and needed to find a place to nurse.

Tonight, we have had our family friend Colin over for dinner to meet Addy. IMG_0587 IMG_0590


Loves: Milk, snuggling, sleeping in her car seat on walks or rides, being swaddled by Daddy, sleeping in her crib

Weight: Back to her birth weight of 7.9 pounds

Length: 21.25 inches


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