Welcome to the Family

Addy Birth-139

On Thursday, October 2nd Taylor and I welcomed our daughter Adelaide Lucy into our family. It was a truly special moment and we could not be happier as a family. This was a very special and unique day for our family as we didn’t only celebrate our daughter’s birth, but we celebrated my 30th birthday. How crazy is it that we share a birthday?!?!

photo (13)photo 1 (9) copyphoto 2 (7) copy

We’ve been asked by many people already on how we choose her name. I wanted a first name that we could use the nickname Addy. I had thrown the name Addison out a while back, but Taylor was not too thrilled with that name. We stumbled upon the name Adelaide on a vacation to Australia.  When we were flying to Australia, one of our favorite vacation destinations, we both saw on the map the city of Adelaide. We both really liked the name and that is how her name was decided! We hope to potentially take one last vacation while we are still living in Singapore and are trying to plan an actual trip to Adelaide and the surrounding region. It is known for its beaches, wineries, nature and wildlife.  Her middle name,  Lucy, is after my great aunt who played a large part in my life  who passed away a few years ago. She was a very special lady who I know would have been thrilled that I was having a daughter.

This next part I am going to briefly touch on her labor and birth, scroll past this section if you are not interested! Do not worry, there are no gross details!

I started to feel the first signs of contractions on Wednesday afternoon. It was actually after I had just sent my Mom and Jeanne Ann out on an adventure. I was not really sure if they were going to be the real thing or not and I kept my mouth shut and did not say anything to them to get their hopes up. My Mom, Jeanne Ann and Taylor got back later that evening and we made dinner and relaxed. I was still feeling some contractions and they were steady and progressing. We went to bed and tried to get some rest, I still did not say anything to Mom or Jeanne Ann. From 10pm onwards the contractions continued to get closer together and stronger. I had decided around 6:30 that it looked like we should start getting ready to head to the hospital. Taylor woke them up and they were shocked that I was even in labor because I had not said anything earlier and they could not here us awake all night!

We arrived at the hospital around 7:30 AM on Thursday and headed to the labor ward. Upon arriving my contractions slowed down a bit(from about 4:30 minutes apart at home to about 6 minutes apart at the hospital), I chalked it up to being nervous, anxious, etc. When I first arrived they checked me and I was only 1cm dialated and knew it was going to be a long day ahead of us, especially after staying up all night. I had gone into this birth with a plan in place to avoid medications and have the most natural birth possible that kept me and baby healthy and safe. Contractions started to pick up quickly, around 10:30- 11 AM I was in some serious pain, very uncomfortable and was not getting any breaks. My birth plan quickly changed and I’m OK with that. I begged Taylor for an epidural. Before I was able to get one, they had to calm me down as I was extremely uncomfortable to insert and IV and check my progress(I was at 5cm.) They gave me laughing gas, I  do not think it is used anymore in the US during labor, but it did the trick in helping me calm down. You can ask Taylor about that experience as I was pretty amusing. Without it there would have been no pain relief. The epidural was inserted and I quickly felt amazing. I was able to shut my eyes and relax.

I was re-checked at 1 PM when my doctor came and checked on my. I was fully dialated, but my water did not break yet. The doctor broke it and then we need to wait to start pushing till baby started to descend more. In the mean time, Taylor and I watched a little TV, Price is Right to be exact. Addy’s middle name namesake would be proud because it was one of her regualr shows that we would watch together. At 2:30 in the afternoon I started to push and after several sets of pushes Adelaide was born at 3:07 PM. She weighed in at 7.9 pounds and was 21.25 inches long.

Delivery Room After the Epidural (Notice I there is a smile, not before!)Addy Birth-8Evelyn our Great Delivery NurseAddy Birth-15

For those of you that know Taylor, he is not a fan of hospitals, blood or needles. Let’s just say he wins the husband and dad of the year award because he was awesome,  did not flinch at anything, and was there for it all.

After we spent some time as a family after delivery, Taylor took Addy to meet my mom and Jeanne Ann in the waiting area before they headed to the nursery to get checked on and cleaned up. They were both thrilled! They were both able to be with Addy in the nursery while Taylor came back to check on me and we waited to get transferred to our room.

Nana Meeting Adelaide for the First Timephoto (13) copy

It was a super busy day at the hospital and unfortunately there were no more single rooms available in the nursery ward so we were bumped up to the VIP floor, seriously. The room, service and nursing were amazing, the only downfall was that the nursery was on a much lower floor. Taylor and I had a big adventure on our way up, we got stuck in the elevator for 30 minutes! I was so glad that my mom and Jeanne Ann were with Addy as they worked to get us out of the elevator. We eventually all made it back to the room and spent some time bonding and getting to know the new addition to the family.

Stuck in the Elevatorphoto 1 (9)

Born at Gleneagles Hospital in Singaporephoto (13)Addy Birth-123Addy Birth-122DinnerAddy Birth-98BreakfastAddy Birth-50

At this point I was completely famished, but lucky for us we were served a dinner of steak and potatoes which hit the pot. The hospital also sent us a birthday cake which was super kind of them. The staff sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to both of us.Addy Birth-45

Celebrating Two BirthdaysAddy Birth-44

Later in the evening we had friends(and Taylor’s Boss), Mike and Shelly stop by to meet our little one. I unfortunately did not get a picture with her visitors, but it was so nice of them to stop by and meet her.

Addy spent some time in the nursery overnight so that Taylor and I could try to catch up on some sleep that we greatly needed. She did well overnight and was a pretty good eater!  It was so nice that Taylor is able to spend the night. It makes me feel so much more comfortable having him here. He had a pretty comfy sleep, too.

Taylor’s Bedphoto 2 (7)

We all woke up Friday well rested and ready to go. Friday was spent relaxing in our room and getting to know each other.

Addy Birth-81 Addy Birth-78 Addy Birth-74 Addy Birth-53 Addy Birth-47 Addy Birth-35Daddy Changing his First DiaperAddy Birth-68Addy Birth-65Nana and Nana in TrainingAddy Birth-40

Saturday morning was spent gearing up ready to go home. We also had a visitor before we headed home, Warawanna, one of Taylor’s bosses. We both were checked out by our doctors one last time and Addy had a few test run. We payed our bills, packed up, and headed home around noon.

Getting Ready to go HomeAddy Birth-124Getting Dressed and ReadyAddy Birth-126Our Little Bumble BeeAddy Birth-137

Needless to say, we are enamored by our daughter. It is amazing how easily you fall in love. We can’t wait to share our new adventure in parenthood with you alongside our adventure of living abroad.

We will be sure to post some more updates, hopefully weekly like usual.  Life as new parents and Taylor’s project getting ready to gear up for turnaround makes for some crazy times so we will try our best to update frequently.  Remember, the best way to stay up to date on our family’s adventures is to follow our blog. From the home page, click on the Follow button on the right hand side. You will be prompted to input your email address and then will receive and email each time I make a post, usually weekly.


13 thoughts on “Welcome to the Family

  1. Aww, what a wonderful thing to be able to share birthdays! Hope you had a good birthday and I would say you have the best present ever for your birthday..😊 Congrats on her birth! 😊

  2. Adelaide Lucy is such a beautiful baby. Loved hearing of her birth and seeing the pics. It’s terrific that your Mom and Jeanne Ann are there! Congrats to All!

  3. Welcome precious Addy! Loved reading her birth story, Mary! She is so cute! And it looks like you have a thumb sucker! Can’t wait to read all of your updates!

  4. Thank you for sharing you story. Love all the pictures of you, Taylor and Addy and I am looking forward to many, many more. Lots of hugs and kisses to all of you.

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