Be Our Guest: Mom and Jeanne Ann

Today we have a guest post from our visitors, Mom and Jeanne Ann! Today will be an introduction, but later in the week they will share some of there experiences in Singapore. If you have any questions for them, leave it in the comments box below. We hope you enjoy their posts!

How do you know Mary and Taylor? Why did you decide to visit them?

Mom: I am Mary’s Mom. This new Nana came to see her new grandchild. Also, to help celebrate Mary’s birthday.

Jeanne Ann: Technically, I am only a distant cousin of Mary’s. My mother and Mary’s grandmother were first cousins and good friends. Chris and I kept that tradition going, and Mary and my daughter, Katie, are the third generation of friend/cousins! Realistically, Mary has always seemed like more of a daughter than a cousin.

Where are you traveling from?

Mom: I live in Northwest Indiana and I flew out of Chicago O’Hare.

Jeanne Ann: I live in west-central Indiana, so I drove from there to Chris’ house, spent the night, and flew from O’Hare to Hong Kong and then on to Singapore.

How long are you staying in Singapore?

Mom: I plan on staying until October 11th.

Jeanne Ann: We are planning on staying until early morning on the 11th.

Do you plan to travel anywhere else while visiting?

Mom: No, I don’t plan on going anywhere else. We are on a short visit and want to spend time with my grandchild when she arrives.

Jeanne Ann: We have plans to do several activities here in Singapore, but we won’t be going to other locations.

How was your flight?

Mom: The flight from Chicago to Hong Kong was delayed 3 hours, the only perk was that Jeanne Ann and I had 3 seats to share.  It was a very long flight. The flight from Hong Kong to Singapore was also delayed. That flight was full and we did not have a empty seat to share.

Jeanne Ann: Crazy long! We went through so many time zones I was constantly confused about where we were when. I had an aisle seat with no seat in front of me, so I had plenty of leg room.

What are your first impressions of Singapore?

Mom:  I was too tired and anxious to see Mary and Taylor to pay attention to anything on the way to their house from the airport. So far today, I’ve noticed its very clean and there are not as many people out and about as I thought there would be.

Jeanne Ann: We got here in the middle of the night, so there was not much traffic, and I couldn’t see much from the back of the taxi. Riding in a taxi where I have no control-on the wrong side of the street was an interesting experience.

What are you looking forward to while visiting?

Mom: I am looking forward to visiting Mary, Taylor and Baby B. Also, I am looking to forward to interesting shopping experiences around Singapore.  I  can’t wait to see the Botanical Gardens and Marina Bay Sands.

Jeanne Ann: I’m looking forward to meeting Baby B, seeing what she looks like, and learning her name. I really want to see the architecture and examples of the influences from the different cultures.

When do you think the baby’s actual birthday will be?

Mom: October 2nd

Jeanne Ann: October 1st


Readers, when do you think the baby’s birthday will be?


2 thoughts on “Be Our Guest: Mom and Jeanne Ann

  1. I am so glad to hear about the safe travels. I am going to guess (now that Baby B missed my birthday) that she will not be sharing with anyone. Her special day will be Friday (now that could be October 3rd in Singapore (I think)…. I can’t wait to hear about your travels and meeting my Great Niece.

    Love you guys…………….

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