A Walk Around Chinatown

Spending the day walking through Singapore’s Chinatown is always a unique experience. This is an excursion from when Mandy was here visiting that I thought would be fun to share. Our walk combined a bit of culture, shopping and of course exercise! We left our house and took the MRT to the Telok Ayer MRT stop where we got off and walked to our first stop.

The first stop was a small little temple along Telok Ayer Street that has a great little model of what the street looked like in the past. Hard to believe that we would have been standing in the ocean just steps outside! (You can see the model in the background of this pictures!)

Chinatown-1Next on our walk, we headed to Thian Hock Keng Temple which is the oldest temple in Singapore.
Chinatown-4 Chinatown-7 Chinatown-12 Chinatown-16 We continued walking and headed through and around Ann Siang Hill Park. Chinatown-19 By this time, we needed a rest and it was almost lunch time. We headed to one of the most famous hawker centers in Singapore, Maxwell Road Hawker Centre. This place boasts over 100 stalls selling a variety of local dishes. We got chicken and rice from the famous Tian Tian Chicken and Rice stall along with black and white carrot cake. The Tian Tian stall is famous for a Gordon Ramsey food challenge and is said to be the best in Singapore(it always has a long line.)  This was Mandy’s first experience of eating hawker food. This place was packed with the usual lunch crowd and I’m glad she got to experience this eating adventure.  To top our meal off we got some delicious fresh squeezed strawberry pineapple juices, it only cost $3 a cup!

Maxwell Food CentreChinatown-26 Waiting in Line for Chicken and RiceChinatown-27 Chinatown-28 Chinatown-29 Carrot Cake-Not a cake and it doesn’t contain carrots!Chinatown-32 Chicken and RiceChinatown-33 Chinatown-35 Busy Lunch CrowdChinatown-37 Chinatown-38 Yummy Juice!Chinatown-40

After lunch we headed to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple just down the street. It’s located in the heart of Chinatown and a great place to visit. We were able to go inside and visit, but we didn’t see the tooth. It’s locked up in a special room!

Buddha Tooth Relic TempleChinatown-22Outside DecorChinatown-41 StatuesChinatown-45 InsideChinatown-51 InsideChinatown-52 Prayer Service-The sound was enchanting.Chinatown-53 Chinatown-55

Making our way out of the temple, we headed to the streets for some shopping. Chinatown is a great place to find knick-knacks and Singapore treats at a low cost. Surprisingly, it was not a busy day which it made it much more tolerable to look around.
Chinatown-57 Chinatown-60 Chinatown-69 Lastly, we passed the Sri Mariamman Temple which is known as Singapore’s oldest Hindu temple. I loved the detail of the outside of this temple, it was so unique. By this point, we were hot and getting tired so we passed on the inside tour and headed home to relax and cool off!

Chinatown-67 Chinatown-66 Chinatown-62 Chinatown-61 Chinatown-64 Chinatown-67


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