Marina Waterfront Trail

The marina waterfront trail is a great walk around the Singapore Marina Bay area. Walking this loop gives you great views of some of Singapore’s top sights at a leisurely pass. Mandy and I did this one late afternoon into evening back in July. It was interesting to get different views on things from when we had taken our river cruise early in the week.

The loop took us about 2 hours, but we were stopping and taking pictures and relaxing around the area. After we completed a full loop we grabbed a refreshing drink at Starbucks and relaxed until the sun started to set for some fun night time pictures.  Here is a link to a map with the points of interest and more descriptions if you are interested!

Starting our Stroll
IMG_0406Merlion and Marina Bay SandsMBWW-2Merlion and CBDMBWW-9Marina Bay Sands and Ferris WheelMBWW-36Arts and Science MuseumMBWW-38Lily PadMBWW-43The Helix BridgeMBWW-56Helix Bridge and Marina Bay SandsMBWW-60SunsetMBWW-68MBWW-72NightfallMBWW-90Merlion and CBD at NightMBWW-95MBWW-97


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