Prepping for Baby

Gearing up for our little girls arrival I’ve been doing a lot around the house to be as prepared as possible.The last few weeks I have started nesting around the house, cleaning, re-organizing, running last minute errands and making meals ahead of time.  One of the things that I am most worried about after her arrival is running out of food for us! We have  a super small freezer and refrigerator. A couple of months back we were able to pick up a small used fridge to help add more space, which has helped. Part of my fear stems from grocery shopping being a large task and there are not a lot of easy take-out or delivery restaurants near by that we like for an easy no frills meal. I’ve already researched meat markets that will be able to order from and get meat delivered weekly, this will help considerably.

For Example, Our Three Small Freezer Drawersphoto 1 (8)

In this post, I thought I’d share some of the meal prep I’ve done ahead. Everybody loves learning some new recipes, right?

Here are meals that I have pre-made/marinated/etc. for when the baby arrives(and cooks leave, aka Mom and Jeanne Ann.) These are some of our “go-to” meals so I’d thought I’d share if you’d like some new recipes. The recipes are all linked in the title to the webpage I found them on.

Asian Marinated Crockpot Beef Spare Ribs(I used boneless short ribs)photo 4 (2)

Meatballs and Marinara-This is just the 3 (4)

Smokey Bacon Chiliphoto 2 (4)

Hamburger Patties-I just put together some ground beef and spices and pressed them in to patties!

Damn Fine Chicken-Sorry no picture!

Apple Sauce-Sorry no picture!

Pork Breakfast Sausagephoto 1 (6)

Crock Pot Orange Chicken-Sorry no picture!

Chocolate Cherry Muffinsphoto 1 (7)

Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Balls

photo 2 (5)

Granola Bars-Just out of the oven, cooling waiting to be cut!photo 3 (5)

Here’s what the freezer drawer looks like with the above items. It’s pretty full!

photo 2 (6)


I plan to make a few more things in the coming weeks that are left and making sure our fridge and cupboards are stocked at all times. Have any suggestions on easy meals or things that I should stock up on?




2 thoughts on “Prepping for Baby

  1. Congrats on your pregnancy and how smart that you’re prepping ahead with meals! Thanks so much for the shout out on my grain-free Mock-KIND bars! Slow cooker meals are always a great option for putting together an easy dinner and many slow cooker recipes like my Sweet-n-Spicy Crockpot Chicken can be completely prepped ahead and placed in the freezer until you’re ready to toss it in the crockpot. 🙂

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