Pregnancy Cravings: Cafe Iguana

At the beginning of my pregnancy I had tons of cravings for foods from back home. Luckily, I was able to fulfill those cravings with our trip back in June, but there has been one craving that has been consistent throughout the weeks. MEXICAN FOOD! I can not get enough! Prior to getting pregnant it was always Taylor suggesting for me to cook or go out to get mexican food and I would just go along with it. Now, I could eat it every day!

My cravings for it are so bad. For example, three of our meals last week consisted of Mexican food. First, on Sunday(then Monday’s lunch) I made Chipotle Barbacoa (I made mine in a le crueset-recipe found here), dinner on Thursday was Tacos with leftovers for lunch on Friday and then Saturday we went to Cafe Iguana for lunch. This post highlights one of our favorite dinning out options in Singapore.


Cafe Iguana is one of the restaurants that Taylor and I frequent the most here in Singapore. We usually go for lunch during the weekend and sit outside on the patio looking over the river. We are such frequent visitors now that the staff is excited for our little ones arrival! We go during lunch time because Cafe Iguana has a staggered price scale on their alcohol during the day. From 12pm-3pm a pitcher of margaritas costs $22, from 6pm-9pm its about $40. Prior to getting pregnant Taylor and I would share a pitcher, now he just orders one by himself, it’s still cheaper than paying per glass!

We are so exciting in our choices that we now order the same things each visit! Plus, the two of us order the same exact thing as each other! We start with a pitcher of strawberry margaritas and an order of queso and chips.Treetopwalk-65Then, we get the delicious steak tacos.

Treetopwalk-72In the past, I have also tried the chicken chimichanga. Treetopwalk-73A few weeks back, Taylor did get to share his pitcher with someone. Treetopwalk-66



Now, the question is, will the baby grow up loving or hating Mexican food?!?!


One thought on “Pregnancy Cravings: Cafe Iguana

  1. I can’t wait to go there when I am visiting! As for whether the baby will like Mexican food, I ate Chinese food the night I went into labor with Julie and I think she came early to get some of that good stuff! She has loved Chinese stir fry every day of her life that she has been eating solid food! So, I predict YES.

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