Maldives: Part Two

One of the main purposes for us visiting the Maldives was to spend some time relaxing. We succeeded in meeting this goal, plus did some fun activities!

Our typical day went like this:

8 AM- Enjoy a long leisurely breakfast

9:30 AM- Head back to our villa and relax and read outside on our porch

12:30 PM- Head to a restaurant for some lunch

1 PM-Head to the beach(relax,nap,read, swim, snorkel)

4:30 PM-Head back to the villa to shower, relax, watch the sunset

7:30 PM-Dinner

9 PM-Bed

We were very exciting! 🙂

Here are some pictures of our typical breakfastMaldives-86

Maldives-376 Maldives-380 Maldives-381

A lot of our time was spent relaxing at the beach or hanging out in the water.

Taylor ReadingMaldives-75

The Baby Bump and I in the WaterMaldives-17

We went snorkeling two different afternoons. It was amazing how close we could get to the reef and fish. The fish would also get so close to us, the were oblivious to us there! We did see three friends that I was a tad bit scared of, see if you can scope one of them out in the last picture!

Maldives-38 Maldives-39Maldives-180Maldives-42Maldives-59Maldives-60Maldives-64This fish was huge!Maldives-66Maldives-71Maldives-117Maldives-126Maldives-135Maldives-138Maldives-144Maldives-154Maldives-159Maldives-164Maldives-171Maldives-173Can you spot our friend?Maldives-72

One afternoon we took a walk on the beach around the island. It was a quick walk, but we did enjoy taking some interesting pictures!

Maldives-97Maldives-36Maldives-472 Maldives-460 Maldives-450 Maldives-436 Maldives-435 Maldives-434 Maldives-423Maldives-320We also enjoyed taking sunset pictures every night. Taylor gets credit for all of these pictures! Maldives-279Maldives-279Maldives-280Maldives-390 Maldives-407 Maldives-420Maldives-492On our last night, the resort had drinks and appetizers on the beach along with local dancers. It was a great relaxing atmosphere!

Drinks! (Mine sans the alcohol!)Maldives-486Maldives-366Maldives-346Maldives-344Maldives-477Overall, this was a phenomenal trip for us. We feel so lucky and fortunate to be able to travel to fun and exotic locations like this while we are living in Singapore. It has been a once in a lifetime experience for both of us and we would highly recommend a visit to the Maldives if you traveling to this side of the world!


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