Balestier Road Heritage Trail: Photography Walk

BHT-26May’s photography outing followed the Balestier Road Heritage Trail. Our group met at the Goh Chor Tua Pek Kong Temple as our starting destination and walked from there.

Pretty LanternsBHT-1-3 BHT-6 BHT-7 BHT-8 BHT-9 BHT-11 BHT-12Traditional Chinese Opera House: Still in OperationBHT-13

We passed unique old shop houses and traditional pre-war homes.

Shop Houses

BHT-21 That’s a lot of cardboard!BHT-23 Have to love an “American Grill” in an old shophouse!BHT-24Interesting Pre-War HomesBHT-28BHT-29Front Door

We passed Balestier Market that was busy with the local lunch crowd. BHT-33

Just down the street was an amazing temple that had just celebrated its 60th birthday.

BHT-34 BHT-35 BHT-37 BHT-40 BHT-41BHT-42BHT-44BHT-47

We walked through Zhongshan Park where we took a quick break and snuck in a group shot. 10365831_10201027726174756_719061407702596724_n

Our last stop of the day was at a Burmese Buddhist Temple. This was by far the most interesting stop of the day.

BHT-55 BHT-56 Outdoor SculpturesBHT-58 BHT-59 BHT-60-2 BHT-60Buddha’s Foot PrintBHT-611st Floor
BHT-62 BHT-63 2nd StoryBHT-65 3rd StoryBHT-66 BHT-67 The History of the TempleBHT-68 Yes, it felt a tad bit like Vegas with the revolving and changing lights. Interesting for sure!BHT-69

 I enjoyed this photo walk as we walked to many different and interesting places. I also got to use our new lens. My favorite pictures are from the 2nd Temple with the person playing the instrument and at the Buddhist Temple.



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