Indiana: Part One

We just got back from an amazing two week trip home. We are so thankful for all the family and friends we got to see and spend time with. Sorry I did not get any posts out the last two weeks, we were so busy living in the moment! Here’s a recap of what we did, sorry again, not a lot of pictures!

Taylor and I left Singapore late June 13th. We were lucky enough to use miles to fly home which saved us the costs of purchasing tickets, but we took unusual flights to get home and back. Headed to Chicago we flew through London. We had a super short layover and were actually the lasts ones to board our connecting flight. We did get to experience the new terminal that United is flying out of at Heathrow. It had only opened a few days prior to our trip. It was interesting because United was the only airline flying out of it so far and it was pretty deserted! We landed in Chicago Saturday mid-morning where my dad picked us and our luggage up. Overall, the flight was not bad. Taylor was able to sleep much more than I did. I had to get up to walk often, get water, and use the bathroom. Guess that’s what happens when you fly for 24 hours when pregnant!

The rest of the day Saturday was spent around the house. To try an combat jet lag, we spent some time helping out around my parents house by mowing the grass and doing yard work. For lunch and dinner we got two of our favorite places for quick meals, Chipoltle and Panera. I know we didn’t stay awake long this day, but it felt great to be home!

On Sunday, I woke up early to head to the St. John Farmer’s Market with my mom. We bought some vegetables, bread, a maple bacon doughnut(we shared this), and pierogies. Our next stop of the day was at Target. Taylor and I needed to stock up on so many things. I wish there was a Target in Singapore, it would make life so much easier! The rest of the afternoon we watched some family friends play baseball. It was a beautiful day and felt great to spend time outdoors with friends without high humidity.

Great Pitching!JakeLukeBaseball-56 Out at 1st!JakeLukeBaseball-94


On Monday, I had an early morning dentist appointment and then we headed down to Lafayette to spend some time with Taylor’s family. Heading into town we picked up Arni’s for lunch. We got a pizza to share and I had an Arni’s Jr. salad to go along with it.  We had a low key day around their new house. For dinner, Taylor’s Grandparents came over and his Dad made a yummy meal that we shared.

Tuesday, we worked out with Taylor’s Dad in the morning and then took a nice stroll around campus in the afternoon. It was a nice sunny and warm day. We stopped and shopped at the bookstores, had Jimmy Johns for lunch and enjoyed our walk.  Day on Campus was going on for the freshman in the fall so a lot of tours were happening and campus was busy. Taylor got mistaken for a incoming freshman when we were in the Union, he politely let the woman know that he graduated six years ago. I think it was an ego boost for him.

Here’s some pictures from our walk!

PurdueSummer2014-2 Bell TowerPurdueSummer2014-4 PurdueSummer2014-10 PurdueSummer2014-13Engineering Fountain
PurdueSummer2014-14 Taylor’s Dad Joined Us!PurdueSummer2014-20 PurdueSummer2014-32 NeilPurdueSummer2014-35 PurdueSummer2014-38 PurdueSummer2014-42

Wednesday was errand day around Lafayette!

Thursday morning my cousin Katie picked me up at Taylor’s parents house and drove me back to my parents. Taylor stayed down in Lafayette for some appointments and to spend more time with his parents.  My mom was off of work this day and we headed to Michigan City to the outlet malls and then spent some time at the beach at the Indiana Dunes State Park. Our baby girl now has a nice wardrobe for her first 6 months of life! We had a picnic lunch this day from one of my favorite places at home, Butterfingers. We had tasty ham and chicken salad along with a turkey, grape and cheese side salad and a brownie for dessert. For dinner, my Dad made his famous ribs. They were delicious!

Beach Afternoon!

photo 1 (4)

On Friday, Katie and I started our morning with massages. Mine was wonderful! We spent the day running errands and then relaxing back at the house. For dinner we headed with a large group to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants back home, El Taco Real. We have been going to this restaurant forever! My parents used to take me there when I was a baby and some of the same women work there as servers. I can’t wait to carry on the tradition take our little one on our next trip home! The meal was super tasty, we shared a queso fundido as an appetizer and then I had a pork and steak taco with rice as my meal. Even though we were stuffed after dinner, we had room for a special stop on our way home, Dairy Belle! I had a twist cone dipped in chocolate and it hit the spot!photo 2 (2) photo 3 (2)

Taylor rejoined us on Saturday morning. Katie, Taylor and I headed downtown Chicago to meet our good friend Mandy for lunch and shopping. We enjoyed a delicious and filling lunch at Bub City BBQ. We started with an appetizer of Giddy Up Fries(BBQ pork, waffle fries, cheddar cheese and sour cream) and then Katie and I shared a lot of food together. Don’t judge us on the list of all the following things we ate… BBQ bacon and onion hasbrowns, brisket sandwich, BBQ chicken sandwich and mac and cheese. All was yummy, but the appetizer, sandwiches and mac and cheese were our favorites. After lunch, we walked around Michigan Avenue shopping and then headed back to Mandy’s to relax. Taylor and I headed back to Highland for a couples baby shower for a friend. All in all, super busy day!

If you haven’t noticed, most of our trip revolved around eating, shopping and spending time with family and friends. Next weeks post will be about our second week back which included our Baby Bee Shower. Can’t wait to share!


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