Having a Baby in Singapore

Since our exciting announcement that we are expecting, we have received many questions from family and friends. In today’s post, hopefully I’ll be able to answer some these!

Prenatal Care

I am going to a lovely Singaporean OBGYN at Gleneagles Medical Center. She came on a recommendation from a friend that recently gave birth. Her office is located in the building next to the hospital that I will be delivering at. Not having done this in the States before, I’m sure some processes are very different, but I feel like I am getting excellent care. My first visit was 3-4 days after I had a positive home pregnancy test and I have been back every 3-4 weeks since then. At each appointment I am given an ultrasound and we get to check on the baby. This is completely normal here and I know I would not be seeing the little one so often if I was going to appointments back in the States. She does all of my care and testing, there are no nurses in her office.


Our little one will be delivered at Gleneagles hospital. It is about a 10 minute drive from where we live. When we get back from our trip to the States we will be taking a tour of the facilities.


Our little one will be 100% American. Only babies born to a Singaporean parent can receive Singaporean citizenship, unfortunately our child won’t be caring 2 passports. After we receive documentation from the hospital on the birth we will then work on taking a passport picture of our newborn (The difficulty with this is that the babies eyes need to be fully open and we have to have our paperwork and picture done within so many days!) We will take a stack of paperwork over to the US Embassy here in Singapore to begin the registration process. We will have to submit paperwork for registering a birth abroad, applying for a passport and applying for a Social Security card. A few days later, she’ll be an American citizen with her passport in hand and ready to travel! 🙂

Baby Gear

Over the last few months I’ve been doing a ton of research and asking friends all about baby gear. We will be purchasing everything we need for this little one from the United States on our trip back next week. The cost of baby gear here in Singapore is outrageous(think 5-6 times the amount!) and there is not a lot of selection. We are very fortunate that Taylor’s company pays for a baby shipment from your home country when you are expecting. We’ve have had things like a crib, rocking chair, etc. delivered and already waiting at my parents house and our lovely family and friends will be holding a shower for us when we are back. The Thursday before we head back to Singapore, the movers will come and pack up the baby shipment. Hopefully it all fits! If not, we are lucky to get some extra baggage this trip and between a friend coming in July and my mom and cousin coming in September we will get what we need. If we don’t have it, we’ll make do!

How’s the pregnancy so far?

This pregnancy is going OK so far. Morning sickness started the last few days of our New Zealand trip. Weeks 8-16 were pretty darn bad.  Morning sickness should really be named all day sickness. I do not wish it on anyone! About once a week MS might make an appearance, but I’m doing a much better job at handling that and can rebound pretty quickly.

So far at 25 weeks, she is very active baby and Taylor was even able to feel her for the first time a few days ago. Super exciting! I can tell she is getting bigger because the movements are stronger and my bump actually has arrived.

We can’t wait to see some of you soon! I’ll try and do a little update on our trip home, but sorry if we get so busy that I don’t update the blog.


2 thoughts on “Having a Baby in Singapore

  1. I still have Julie’s passport photo from when she was a few days old that we had to take to the U.S. Embassy in Dublin in order to get her passport. And the U.S. Birth Abroad document gets brought out every so often for official purposes. So much to look forward to. And Baby Bowditch will always have a story to tell!

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