Crossfit in Singapore

One of the first things Taylor and I did when we moved to Singapore was find some place where we could continue working out. We had been crossfitting in DC at Patriot/Potomac Crossfit and knew it was something that we wanted to continue. We joined Crossfit Singapore a month into living here. It’s been great to be part of a new crossfit community and continue to work on our fitness!

One of my goals for this past year was to complete my Crossfit Level 1 Certification. Taylor and I both successfully completed the seminar this past November. Here’s a picture of the crew that we did it with. Other attendees were from across the Asia Region.



I’m continuing to Crossfit while pregnant. I have stepped back the intensity and the load. Some movements have started to become uncomfortable so I have either scaled it to something easier or sub other exercises. I hope to continue to Crossfit throughout the entire pregnancy as I hope it helps make delivery a tad bit easier. (One can wish, right?!?)  Along with Crossfit, I swim laps in our pool occasionally and walk a ton throughout the day.

Here’s some pictures of the both of us! Can you spot the expanding bump? 🙂CFSingapore-1-9CFSingapore-1-2CFSingapore-1CFSingapore-1-10CFSingapore-1-8CFSingapore-1-5CFSingapore-1-4CFSingapore-2-3


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