Har Par Villa

A few months back I went on an interesting group outing to Har Par Villa here in Singapore. Har Par Villa is considered a Singapore “theme” park containing many statues representing many areas of Chinese folklore, myths, legends and history. The park was originally called Tiger Balm Gardens as it was started by the two brothers who developed Tiger Balm.

While the park has seen some better days, it is open to free to the public and is an interesting outing. Many school aged children visit the park to be taught the ancient folklores, legends and traditions.

The EntranceIMG_6291 IMG_6296IMG_6302IMG_6304IMG_6317

One of the main attractions is the “10 Courts of Hell” which help teach to choose to do the right thing not the wrong. Let’s just say, it was interesting and something you need to see for yourself to fully understand. IMG_6323IMG_6327

IMG_6346IMG_6347The most interesting piece…I didn’t understand how this fit in!IMG_6353IMG_6360IMG_6370MasksIMG_6385IMG_6383TigerIMG_6382


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