Crossfit in Singapore

One of the first things Taylor and I did when we moved to Singapore was find some place where we could continue working out. We had been crossfitting in DC at Patriot/Potomac Crossfit and knew it was something that we wanted to continue. We joined Crossfit Singapore a month into living here. It’s been great to be part of a new crossfit community and continue to work on our fitness!

One of my goals for this past year was to complete my Crossfit Level 1 Certification. Taylor and I both successfully completed the seminar this past November. Here’s a picture of the crew that we did it with. Other attendees were from across the Asia Region.



I’m continuing to Crossfit while pregnant. I have stepped back the intensity and the load. Some movements have started to become uncomfortable so I have either scaled it to something easier or sub other exercises. I hope to continue to Crossfit throughout the entire pregnancy as I hope it helps make delivery a tad bit easier. (One can wish, right?!?)  Along with Crossfit, I swim laps in our pool occasionally and walk a ton throughout the day.

Here’s some pictures of the both of us! Can you spot the expanding bump? 🙂CFSingapore-1-9CFSingapore-1-2CFSingapore-1CFSingapore-1-10CFSingapore-1-8CFSingapore-1-5CFSingapore-1-4CFSingapore-2-3


It’s a…..


Needless to say Taylor and I are both ecstatic, no matter what the baby’s sex is. We can’t wait to have a healthy baby come September. It’s amazing how fast these weeks are ticking by. I’m already past the half way point and am currently 22 weeks.

I had another doctor’s appointment this week and here is our latest ultrasound picture. It has been amazing to see how much she grows at each appointment.

UltrasoundMay19th copy


Here’s some bump progress pictures. Let’s just say that since my 5 month picture 2 weeks ago there is a heck of a lot more bump going on. It sort of happened over night! I missed out on pictures for month 3 because of travel in Australia, sorry about that! No judgements! 🙂

Month One20140119-IMG_6629 20140119-Week4jpgMonth TwoIMG_7570IMG_7572Month Fouruntitled-3-2untitled-6

untitled-4 untitled-3

For now, I’m keeping the bump 5+ pictures a secret. You’ll just have to see for yourself when I’m back in the States in THREE WEEKS! We are anxiously awaiting our trip back home to see family and friends. It is crazy to think that we are coming up on on one year mark in Singapore. Time is flying!

Hopefully in the next few weeks I’ll share more about how the pregnancy has been going and have an update on Baby B!

Camera Gear

Since moving to Singapore, I’ve become very interested in photography. We had perviously owned a DSLR camera before our move and used it often, but in automatic mode. Knowing that I would have some free time on my hands, I wanted to learn more about using our camera and better my photography skills. A few months into our adventure I took a basic photography skills class and learned about my camera. I can now shoot out of automatic mode! We have loved capturing our adventures traveling and enjoy sharing with everyone. Taylor has even become interested in using the camera which has been really fun to do together.

Since our move we made some purchases and upgrades to our gear. I thought I’d share this week what gear we having been using lately! I’ll write a brief note following, but if you have questions let me know and I’ll try my best to answer them! Side note:These photos were taken with the Ipad!

Camera Bodies

photo 2 (1)


Our first camera body we purchased second hand and it is pictured on the left. It is a Canon EOSRebel ZSi 450D. We later upgraded our body to the Caond EOS 700 D. I find our new body has some better functionality, clearer back screen and a few more added features.

Lensesphoto 3

We quickly found that lenses are the key to great photographs. Lens are also very expensive! Our first camera came with the lens on the far right, a 28-135mm f3.5-5.6. This is a great all around lens and we have used it for most of the pictures we have posted on the blog. The next lens,(second from the right) is our newest lens, a 24-70mm f2.8. I have not done much with this lens, but have a few outings in the next couple of weeks and can’t wait to use it! Second in from the left is our wide angle lens, a 10-22mm f3.5-4.5. We have used this lens often in traveling for things like the Sydney Bridge or taking pictures of the houses that we have stayed at. On the far left, we have our only prime lens, a 50 mm f1.8. This is sometimes an everything lens if I don’t want to lug the camera around with a heavy lens attached. This is also a great portrait lens that I can’t wait to put to use when the little one arrives. On all of our lens we have filters and hoods for them.

Other Shooting Gearphoto 1 (3)

When we travel, we have taken a large and small tripod with us. It’s been super helpful when it is just the two of us and taking pictures at night. The small little device on the left is a remote camera shutter release which allows us to take a without hitting the button on the camera. Very helpful when your by yourself and don’t want to set the timer and when taking pictures at night.

Camera Bagsphoto 4 (1)

The two bags that we use the most are the Kelly Moore Posey bag and a large Canon camera bag. I like the Posey bag because it looks more like a purse and less like a camera bag. It’s great for walking around town and not looking like a tourist! While I can only fit the camera body and lens in this bag along with other essentials(umbrella, bug spray, sun glasses, money), I wish I had one in a larger size.  The Canon bag is great for storing all of our gear at once, especially when we travel. I’ve got my eye on a new Kelly Moore bag and another bag I’m interested in trying out because the Posey is good, but not the perfect bag, especially as I add a baby and all of its need gear to the equation. I’ve posted more pictures of the Posey bag because it is pretty cool!

Posey Bag
photo 1 (2)photo (11)photo 3 (1)Other Camerasphoto 4

We also have a Canon point and shoot camera and a Lumix underwater camera that we take when we travel. Some times we just don’t want to take the DSLR with us and carrying the point in shoot works just fine. The underwater camera has come in handy on many occasions! We’ve gotten our money out of that purchase for sure by using it on our honeymoon in Hawaii to capturing our scuba diving experience at the Great Barrier Reef.

Taking the photos is just one small part of the process. Uploading, managing, editing, and sharing are a whole other part of the process! While traveling, Taylor and I both take turns with the camera, I’m usually in charge of the final production and sharing of the pictures. Here’s a brief snapshot to the process. We shot all of our pictures in RAW and then edit and change to JPEG to share.  After our first trip(and thousands of pictures!) we ran out of storage space quickly. I now upload all of our photos to an external hard drive. I then use our Mac and the Adobe Lightroom program to make and edits if needed to our photos. I’m still a beginner at editing and the post production, this is  area I would like to improve and learn more about. We also have an older version of Photoshop on a different computer, but I have not played around with the program much.  After editing, I re-save the pictures on the external hard drive and usually share them on the blog. We have a million travel photos, I can’t upload them all to this site so next time you see us just ask to see them!

In the next few months my photography focus will be shifting from documenting our travel experiences to documenting our newest family member. I can’t wait for all the new possibilities with photography and bettering my skills. Of course, I have a list of some new gear and photo props that I want now….Taylor is just thrilled!

Ann Siang Hill: Photography Tour

My most recent photography group walk took me to Ann Siang Hill which is a small part of the Chinatown area of the city. While this was a quick walking tour, it was still amazing to the see the diverse areas of worship, restored shop houses, artwork, sculptures, and green space. Enjoy the pictures!

Artwork on Buildingsuntitled-2 untitled-3 Colorful Shophousesuntitled-5 untitled-15 untitled-18Thian Hock Keng Temple
The oldest Chinese temple in Singapore. It is also known as “Temple
of Heavenly Happiness”, it was completed in 1842.untitled-20 untitled-21 untitled-23 untitled-24 untitled-25 untitled-29 untitled-30 untitled-31 untitled-32 untitled-33 untitled-35 untitled-39 untitled-43 untitled-44Sculpturesuntitled-46 untitled-50 A Mosqueuntitled-51 The most interesting medical store I’ve ever seen! (I recognized nothing!)untitled-52

Har Par Villa

A few months back I went on an interesting group outing to Har Par Villa here in Singapore. Har Par Villa is considered a Singapore “theme” park containing many statues representing many areas of Chinese folklore, myths, legends and history. The park was originally called Tiger Balm Gardens as it was started by the two brothers who developed Tiger Balm.

While the park has seen some better days, it is open to free to the public and is an interesting outing. Many school aged children visit the park to be taught the ancient folklores, legends and traditions.

The EntranceIMG_6291 IMG_6296IMG_6302IMG_6304IMG_6317

One of the main attractions is the “10 Courts of Hell” which help teach to choose to do the right thing not the wrong. Let’s just say, it was interesting and something you need to see for yourself to fully understand. IMG_6323IMG_6327

IMG_6346IMG_6347The most interesting piece…I didn’t understand how this fit in!IMG_6353IMG_6360IMG_6370MasksIMG_6385IMG_6383TigerIMG_6382