A Singapore ‘Friends-giving’

A few weeks ago we had a super fun-filled Thursday evening with our family and friends. We celebrated had a Thanksgiving Feast in March! Growing up, Taylor and his family celebrated Thanksgiving with the same family friends over the years. These friends,  go back to when Taylor’s parents were attending grad school together and all of the children are very near in age. The group is known as the ‘eight-sum’. I experienced my first  ‘eight-sum’ Thanksgiving a few years back, it was a super fun time filled with great food, games of spoons and other card games and lots of great stories. Along with Taylor and myself in Singapore, there another family friend here that is part of the ‘eight-sum’, it worked out that his parents and Taylor’s parents could all travel to Singapore at the same time. We decided, that it would be the perfect time to re-create the glorious turkey feast!

Finding all the fixings for this masterpiece of a dinner was a very interesting task! I definitely hunt and gathered from many different stores across the city! I started around the Christmas holidays planning buy purchasing cranberries and freezing them(there would be no chance to find them this time of year!) along with buying an extra bag of stuffing cubes. The next task was to find a turkey, which was also a challenge. Turkey is not a very common meat that is consumed in Asia and I don’t have a freezer space large enough to even think about keeping a turkey in. For weeks, I was keeping my eyes peeled and looking in different grocery stores to see if I could find one. It just so happened two weeks before our feast I spotted a few in a local store. They were on the small side, but would work. Now, I just needed to keep my fingers cross that they would be in stock when I returned in a week! They were and my turkey was able to start defrosting in our fridge. Our meal consisted of turkey cooked on the grill, mashed potatoes and gravy, roasted broccoli, stuffing, cranberries, apple sauce, wine and of course, apple and pumpkin pie. I even got out our fall table wear to get in the Thanksgiving mood. We stuffed ourselves. It was so fun to have this giant feast in the spring time with family and friends!

The FoodSGThanksgiving-18 Our Group EatingSGThanksgiving-22Passing the DessertSGThanksgiving-26Eating Dessert

Up next week, our trip to Western Australia! Now that we have our picture storage situation under control I hope to start editing the hundreds of pictures we have taken!


One thought on “A Singapore ‘Friends-giving’

  1. And yes, that is us looking disgustingly full at the end of the meal. I was happy to have to walk back to our hotel a few blocks afterward.
    It was so wonderful to have all of that Thanksgiving food so far from home–and especially to enjoy it together and in celebration of the impending baby! Thank you, Mary and Taylor, for hosting us and doing so much to make it happen. People keep asking me where you found the turkey, Mary. You are going to have to publish the source for the expat community in Singapore! Betsy

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