We’ve Been Keeping a Secret…

IMG_7649-1-2Yup, you read that right!  Taylor and I are thrilled to be on the adventure of becoming parents. We are so excited for the arrival of a little one in September as it will be the best memories that we will have from our time living in Singapore. My due date is September 26th. So far everything is looking good with the little one and I have doctors appointments here in Singapore every 3 to 4 weeks. Visiting the doctor is very exciting because at each visit I get to see the little one with an Ultrasound. It is common practice here to have a Ultrasound at each visit unlike the US. At our next visit we will find out of our little one is a boy or girl, we are very excited!

Telling family and friends has been really exciting too! Taylor’s parents were here visiting and we were able to tell them in person and with technology, we were able to Facetime and surprise my parents and others with little presents. We told Taylor’s parents at 2am after they landed by giving them wine glasses as a gift, part of their trip here was a visit to a wine region in Australia. The glasses said Grandma and Grandpa’s Sippy Cups. For my parents, I had sent them Purdue Grandma and Grandpa shirts along with a wine glass Grandma’s Sippy Cup and a Grandpa’s Sippy Cup beer stein. Needless to say, both sets of grandparents are thrilled! We also sent some shirts to other family members to surprise them, I even managed to get an Indiana University Grad to willingly wear a Purdue shirt. She must really love this baby already! 🙂

Proud Grandparents IMG_2419“Sippy Cups”IMG_4466Visiting Grandparents!photo (5)

Rockin’ the Purdue Wear!
photo 1 (1)image (1)

We are so excited for our new adventure and can’t wait to share our excitement with you. If you want to follow along with updates on how things are going with the pregnancy or when the baby arrives please follow along on the blog. I will not be posting many things on Facebook. You can follow the blog by inputting your email address into the “Follow” box in the right corner. You will then receive an email update each time a new post goes up.

Lots of Love from Singapore!



3 thoughts on “We’ve Been Keeping a Secret…

  1. Congratulations Mary and Taylor!!! How exciting. Will you have the baby in Singapore?
    Love, Tom and Kathy

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