Singapore Botanical Gardens

First off, we have our first visitors! Yeah! Taylor’s parents are spending two and a half weeks on this side of the world visiting. We will be spending time in Singapore, but also traveling to the West Coast of Australia.

One of the first places we visited after their arrival was to the Singapore Botanical Gardens. The gardens are a beautiful place to take a stroll in a diverse park. There are ponds to walk by, rainforest walks, and of course the beautiful orchid garden.  Here are pictures from our adventure!

Koi PondIMG_7651-1Swan Lake IMG_7656-3 IMG_7657-4 IMG_7658-5 IMG_7663-6IMG_7664-7 IMG_7668-9The Orchid GardenIMG_7670-10 IMG_7672-11IMG_7674-12 IMG_7682-17 IMG_7684-18 IMG_7688-19 IMG_7689-20 IMG_7691-21 IMG_7697-27 IMG_7700-29 IMG_7701-30 IMG_7707-34 IMG_7711-38 IMG_7713-39 IMG_7719-44 IMG_7724-49 IMG_7727-52 IMG_7738-59 IMG_7742-63 IMG_7754-67 IMG_7756-69

After our morning walking around the gardens we headed to nearby Dempsey Hill for lunch and some shopping. We had a great lunch at Jones the Grocer.


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