New Zealand: Part 2

Day three started with us hitting the road early to travel to Milford Sound. Getting to Milford you need to drive through Fiordland national park, it was an amazing drive. We stopped at so many places along the way to take pictures. Here are pictures from Fiordland

Our main goal of the day was to take a boat ride around Milford Sound. We had beautiful sunny weather, but it was a bit chilly on the Sound! I’ll let our pictures speak for themselves!

Fiordland Drive to Milford

IMG_6829 IMG_6853IMG_6886

Kea BirdIMG_6868

This One Wanted InIMG_6873

Our Boat for Our TourIMG_7074Milford SoundIMG_6888 IMG_6893 IMG_6897 IMG_6899 IMG_6909 IMG_6912 IMG_6923 IMG_6941IMG_6949 IMG_6970 IMG_6974 IMG_6999IMG_7027 IMG_7051 IMG_7067 IMG_7071

Seals Bathing in the SunIMG_7005

On the way back out from Milford we stopped and hiked around at the Chasm and stopped at other lookout points.

IMG_7080 IMG_7090 IMG_7095 IMG_7100 IMG_7108

After Milford we had a long journey to get back to Queenstown for the night. We stayed at the Queenstown Top 10 Holiday Park. It was a great location because after we parked for the night we were than a close walk to the hustle and bustle of town. The only down fall was that the park was completely packed! IMG_7148 IMG_7150

In Queenstown we had an awesome dinner on the water at a restaurant called Public. Yummy food and drinks with a view!IMG_7115 IMG_7124 IMG_7135 IMG_7137

Queenstown was a cute city. No matter the season you would have lots to do. Skiing in the winter would be fun and all of the outdoor adventure sports in the warmer months. The town center has tons of places to eat, drink and shop. I wish we had more time to explore and I wish we would have planned more time here.

View from DinnerIMG_7142 The Docks and Part of TownIMG_7143 Which would you choose? Head to school or the the Gondola?IMG_7147

The next day we were headed north to the West Coast of the South Island. We had stops along the way at some cute old mining towns of Arrow Town and Wanekea. We shopped in some cute stores, but unfortunately the weather was a little rainy so we didn’t stay outside too much.

Lake WanekeaIMG_7166 Main Street of WanekeaIMG_7169 IMG_7171

Our next stop of the after noon was at…

Blue PoolsIMG_7181 IMG_7188

The water under these bridges were suppose to be a cool blue color, but because of the rain that day they were not. Bummer, but the bridges we hiked over were pretty cool!

Our last stop of the day was along Wilson’s Creek. This was an old bridle track spanning the Chasm. Off the road and a walk back there was a large waterfall. Taylor made his way halfway back, but because of all the rain there was a lot of water and not worth the risk.

Wilson’s CreekIMG_7191 IMG_7193 IMG_7198 IMG_7213

Our day concluded staying at Hasst Pass, There was not much to this town other than the RV park we stayed at. In total, we drove 132 km on day three and 392  km on day four.

Up next week, the West Coast of the South Island!


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