Christmas in Singapore

It’s hard to believe that it’s Christmas already!  With the lack of cold weather and no snow in sight the holiday season has snuck up on us.  It’s been a balmy 85-88 degrees lately with some afternoon rain most days, not what most of you are experiencing back home. Even though we are not coming home this Christmas, we are still celebrating as best we can. We’ve decorated our home, I’m cooking some of our favorite treats and then we are going to take off to the beach for a few days.

Oh, Christmas Tree!IMG_5695


Our Christmas tree is from Ikea and it’ s real. We pretty much buy everything at Ikea, it’s totally become the closet thing we have to a Target or Walmart for go to home items.  It’s totally a Charlie Brown tree, but I’m OK with that. We did not bring any of our ornaments over with us since we did not know what our space would be like. I picked up some at Ikea and stores in “Little India”. There was a mall that the whole floor was Christmas decor. I bought a mixture of colorful cheap plastic ornaments. The shocker decorating our tree was the cost of lights. If you have seen pictures of my trees in the past years, you know that I like lights(think 10 plus strands on an average size tree.) Not here when they cost $25 for a strand of 100! Needless to say, I only have 3 stands on this years tree and one of those strands is whacked out. The lights have 8 settings(don’t ask) and I only want it on the solid one, 1 stand only will cycle through all the cycles so it blinks randomly. Our tree is just special.

Gingerbread House



I was bored one weekend. Here’s my creation of a gingerbread house. I had to get creative with the candy because, its not cheap here!

Toffee Ingredients

IMG_5545Finished Product

I was sure to make us some special holiday treats this year. I started with making my family famous toffee. This was actually the first time I have ever made this not at my parents house. I finally have a heavy pan and a gas stove! It was yummy!

Peanut Blossom Cookies


This are by far Taylor’s favorite holiday cookies. It was an adventure finding the Hershey kisses for them.

Aunt Lucy BreadIMG_5636IMG_5642IMG_5656IMG_5660

Starting November 1st, Singapore started to decorate for the holiday season. There are holiday decorations everywhere, some nice, some tacky. I’ve been trying to take some pictures it gets ready to rain or we have to be some place. If I get a chance in the next few days I’ll update this post!

What are you doing for Christmas?


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