Singapore Signs: Part One

This is going to be an on going post of signs that we see around Singapore. Some are interesting, some are funny, some I have no idea what they mean, some have grammatical issues, but hopefully they will be entertaining to you!

Don’t Feed the Monkeys!

IMG_9632 No Durians on the Bus!2013-10-07 17.08.27Durians are the smelliest fruit that I have ever smelled. I haven’t tried to taste it yet, but people do eat them. The jury is still out if I give it a try.  I relate the smell to a boys locker room during football season. So gross! I’m pretty sure there is a fine if you bring them on public transportation. Yikes!

From the  MRT

photo (68)Clearly, 2% of the population doesn’t want to wait inline or in the “cue”! Also, penguins in Singapore?


IMG_0012We both laughed when we saw this sign when we were driving to dinner.


photo (67)This is a sign posted outside at Taylor’s office!


imagePosted at Taylor’s work!



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