A Visit to the Istana

Last weekend I had the opportunity to visit the Istana here in Singapore. The Istana is the official residence and office of the Singapore President and the office of the Prime Minister. It’s also a white house and a resemblance to the architecture of our White House. The British sure did have some influence! The Istana is only open for tours on public holidays. Last weekend was Deepavali, so I took the opportunity to explore with a  friend. We were able to take the tour of the grounds for an entry fee of $1 and then decided to splurge for the $10 tour of the Istana for some more in-depth information. Unfortunately pictures were not allowed inside the Istana. It was very formal and many of the interesting “gifts” from other countries were displayed. Most of this weeks’s pictures are from the lovely outdoor gardens. Enjoy!

Birds on the Walk IMG_4358 IMG_4360 IMG_4359 IMG_4357

The IstanaIMG_4397 IMG_4398IMG_4363IMG_4364IMG_4362 IMG_4361

Pond PicturesIMG_4376IMG_4377 IMG_4381 IMG_4383 IMG_4387 Statue of the QueenIMG_4374 IMG_4373 Garden PicturesIMG_4368 IMG_4367 IMG_4366 IMG_4365

IMG_4369IMG_4399 IMG_4402


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