A Carpet Auction Experience

First off, Happy Halloween! We are having a low key holiday celebration this year, but that’s OK. My mom had sent us some of our favorite treats in a package last week which was super sweet. I would have carved a pumpkin, but the large pumpkin I found cost  $59. I can think of better ways to spend our money, we will hold off on pumpkin carving until we return to the states!

This past weekend we attend our first carpet auction, it was put on by Taylor’s work spouses group. Lots of expats that we know have beautiful rugs in their home, so it was something that intrigued us. The auction was held at the American Club and the carpets were from Hedger’s Carpet(you can check their website for more carpet examples.)

We had no idea what to expect with the auction. We were going for the entertainment factor this time around. We know that we may want to leave Singapore with a rug, but not what style, size, etc. We did not buy anything this time around, but it did give us an idea of our the price range that we could afford and what styles we like. Maybe next time we’ll make a purchase!

Here’s some pictures from the evening!

At the Carpet Auction with Wine and Food

2013-10-26 18.23.47Examples of the Carpets. Some we liked, some we didn’t!
2013-10-26 18.24.15 2013-10-26 18.24.09 2013-10-26 18.24.01The Auction in Action!2013-10-26 22.47.442013-10-26 19.45.44We did come home with a little carpet gift!

2013-10-26 23.26.42

My last picture is of a meal that I tried this week with a friend. We ate at Tim Ho Won, which is a Hong Kong style dim sum place. The things I liked best are not in the picture, go figure, but it was these bbq pork rolls. They were tasty! I also managed the whole meal with chopsticks, pretty successfully. That was exciting!2013-10-29 13.13.26


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