Fort Canning Park: Spice Walk

IMG_4042This past weekend Taylor and I took a  tour at Fort Canning Park. Every other month the park offers a Spice Trail tour which they guide you through their spice garden. We saw a lot of interesting plants and learned some new things!


IMG_4071IMG_4075This is a seed from the nutmeg tree. The seed that is ground is wrapped in a red netting. Our guide told us this is the best part of the seed with the most flavor.


IMG_4081 IMG_4080This might be Taylor’s favorite plant! He loves vanilla! He wishes we could grow this on our porch! We both were shocked to know that the vanilla pod actually grow on vines and that it is part of the orchid famil. We learned something new! There have never been any flowers on this plant to produce pods do to not having  the birds here to pollinate the plants.

Black Pepper

IMG_4063Our next spice is a household staple, black pepper. It’s also grows on a vine!


IMG_4069I love dill. There were rows and rows of it. All of the dill smelled wonderful!

Winged Bean

IMG_4085 IMG_4084


IMG_4057IMG_4078Chocolate, enough said! The cocoa seeds did have a bunch of ants hanging out on them which was unusual.

On our tour we also were introduced to other spices and plants such as basil, turmeric, ginger and other Asian plants. It was interesting to see how everything grew and how much all of the plants like the Singapore climate!


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