A Week of Outings in Singapore

This was a super busy week back in Singapore. I had scheduled three different outings that I was super excited to get back to. Here is what I was up to this week!

On Thursday I went on an outing with the spouses group from Taylor’s work for a Hawker Center Tour. We went to the Zion Riverside Center, which was super close to our place. I had no idea it was even there, we only had driven by it a dozen times! It was nice to go with this group and try new things. This go around I believe I tried Prawn Mee from Noo Cheng Adam Road. It is a dish that consisted of noodles in a broth with prawns and pork. It was full of flavor and the prawns were very large. I think I payed $8. The only downfall was that I am still a novice chop stick user. This made eating a tad difficult, but I managed. I also shared some carrot cake dishes with others. I posted about carrot cake in a previous post, to see this post click here. Over all this dish was OK, I’m not sure if I’d go out of my way to order it. I’m not a huge fan of noodles anymore and it did have a big seafood taste. I also ordered a mango juice drink to go along with my meal, it cost $3. photo (65)photo (66)

My adventure on Friday was with the American Women’s Association of Singapore and we went on a markets of Singapore tour. Our first stop was at the  wholesale market at Pasir Panjang. This market is one of the first stops in food entering Singapore and where it is the most cost effective to purchase food. The market was broken up into three sections fruits, vegetables, and dry foods.  I bought a jicama and two peppers for $2.50. I would have purchased more produce, but I did not want to have to carry it around all day and have it spoil. I will be going back to this area. There were also other small shops and stalls that catered more to Asian cuisine.

This is an example of how the food is displayed for sale. IMG_1664There are a lot of rows like this. IMG_1665Mmm…I love pineapples!IMG_1671This is a Jackfruit tree, you’ll see this fruit sold in Asia. I tried some, I didn’t really care for it. IMG_1669The fruit grow to be really large. This is a medium size fruit. IMG_1670This is the dry goods area, selling dried sardines and shrimp.
IMG_1663I couldn’t pass taking a picture of this. Not something that we would often see being sold back in the States!IMG_1662

The next stop was at the Tiong Bahru wet market. This is an open air market selling meats, eggs, and produce. It also has a food center attached with it. We arrived late in the day so most products were sold. It’s important to get there early!

Flower Stall at Tiong BahruIMG_1672Egg Stall

IMG_1674The last stop of the day was at the flower markets on Thompson Road. These stores were amazing! I love flowers and plants. They carried everything! From outdoor trees and flowers to fresh cut flowers there were so many choices. I purchased a dozen purple roses, a bunch of orchids and a bunch of Gerber daisies for $27 sgd. If I were back home the roses alone would have cost me more that that! I will be heading back to  these markets for sure! Here are some of my pictures, I was truly impressed by the large and inexpensive fresh cut sections!IMG_1675 IMG_1676 IMG_1677

My week of outings continued into Saturday with the start of the photography class I was taking. In the first day alone, I learned a ton! Next week I’ll be posting more and hopefully you’ll be seeing some better pictures too!


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