Bugis Street

**Note: This is from earlier in the summer. I’m back in the States this week for a quick trip back.  I will return to Singapore next week where I have a busy week planned exploring the city through food and photography! Let’s hope Taylor survives on his own!**

Bugis Street Market is an interesting shopping destination in Singapore. It is an indoor and outdoor market area that sells food, drink, clothing, eclectic items, souvenirs, and many other discounted merchandise. Stalls go on row for row with goods and extend to the outdoors. At first glance, shopping at Bugis can be intimidating because there is so much stuff. You will not find high end merchandise or high quality goods here. Some stalls you can haggle on price. In some respect, it reminds me of going to a flea market or visiting Shipshewana, Indiana with the amount of things there are to look at. Is it a shopping destination for everyone? No, but it is an experience!  It is located off the Bugis MRT station on the green line.

Here is the outside of the market:

photo (40)

Inside view:

photo (41)

Fruit Vendors: photo (44)

This is the durian fruit(below), it is one of the smelliest things I have ever smelled. This fruit is prohibited in enclosed spaces>(i.e. the mrt) I have yet to try, but they say it is tasty. photo (39)

More outdoor shopping:

photo (43)My treat to myself, pineapple juice. It cost S$1, super cheap!

photo (42)

Once again, sorry for the iphone photos!

Would you try eating the durian fruit?


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