What Does Taylor Do For Fun?

Lately all of the post have been about fun things that I have been doing, but today’s post is about one of the things that Taylor gets to do for fun.

He’s on a men’s softball team!

This past weekend he had an opening tournament and his team won! He plays with a team through the Singapore American Community Action Council which organizes many sports leagues for youth and teens plus the men’s softball. ( I may hold a little grudge that we have not found many opportunities for women or co-ed teams, but I can at least cheer from the sidelines!)

This past weekends games were played on both Saturday and Sunday, but going forward he will have one game every Sunday. The season is 8 months long, but is broken into two 4 month segments with a break around the holidays.  Living in the tropics allows for a longer season of play!

The games are played on the northern side of the island at the Terror Club. The Terror Club is a great facility that the league is lucky to have access to. It is a community club for  American, British, Australian and New Zealand Navy members. It has many sports facilities and a restaurant. Funny thing about the restaurant, all the prices were in American Dollars! Both days we ate there and drank Miller Light(the only place I’ve seen that!) cheaply! We were even able to take it down to the ball field which made being a fan on the sideline all day much more tolerable!

Here’s some pictures of Taylor in action! IMG_1594 IMG_1595 IMG_1596Cheering on his teamIMG_1615Playing right field. IMG_1613Tournament Champions!IMG_1621The #1 Fan! Notice the covered awning and the fans. The nice shelter along with the Miller Lights, made being a fan a bit easier in toasty Singapore!IMG_1579


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