A Visit to Bukit Brown Cemetery

Last week I went on a  walking tour to Bukit Brown Cemetery. I’m not one to often visit cemeteries on a whim, but this place has an interesting history and an even sad future.

From what I understand, Bukit Brown Cemetery is one of the largest Chinese Cemeteries outside of China. Its home to interesting grave stones in a lush jungle like setting. This place is not located far from the city center and it felt like I had been transported some place vastly different. There were amazing birds and we did get scared by a giant black snake at one point. I had the camera around my neck, but was too busy running away to snap a picture!

One of the reasons I decided to visit this site was because it is not going to be in existence for much longer. The government is planning on building a highway through the cemetery  and then building homes later on. It’s interesting that they are doing this because many important and historical families that helped Singapore become what it is today are buried here. Many Singaporeans are upset that they are losing some of there history and culture while on the other hand there are groups that find the need for expansion/building more important.

My visit here also tied into an activity that I did earlier in the week when I visited the Peranakan Museum here in Singapore. Peranakan applies to an ethnic group that lived in the British Straits Settlements, which included Singapore. Exploring Bukit Brown with the group,  we noticed on many occasions were there were Peranakan grave sites.

Here are some pictures from my tour. I’m not sure what all the statues are representative are, but later on I will do some research and update as I learn. In all, the details with the stone and tile work were impressive. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!IMG_8851 IMG_8854 IMG_8853 IMG_8857 IMG_8873 IMG_8867 IMG_8866 IMG_8865IMG_8874 IMG_8882 IMG_8881 IMG_8880 IMG_8879 IMG_8878 IMG_8877 IMG_8876 IMG_8875

*I’m not a history expert, if you’d more information use google!


One thought on “A Visit to Bukit Brown Cemetery

  1. Wow great pictures…..each one looks like it was set up as its own shrine with the alter and all. Thanks for the pictures as I feel this is my one and only experience of Singapore

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