A Busy Week Back in Indiana

Here’s a recap of my busy week back home in Indiana. This was a solo trip home, Taylor needs to save his days for our upcoming adventures.  I didn’t take many pictures early in the week, but the second weekend made up for previous lack of pictures!

Friday: Departed Singapore at 6 AM and arrived at O’Hare at 2:30. Had a dinner out with the family. I managed to stay awake till about 9.

Saturday: I was awake really early! I started my day with at workout at Crossfit DNA. The afternoon was spent hanging out with our family friends. We had a great lunch, hung out and watched some baseball. They made me these cool bracelets!photo (64)

Sunday: I went down to Lafayette to spend the day with Taylor’s family. We had a great time catching up and had a tasty lunch. As a I drove home, I made a quick stop to see my grandparents to surprise them. Later on in the evening I caught up with friends that I had grown up with. While Sunday was a busy day, it was great to see and catch up with so many friends!

Monday: My mom and I went downtown Chicago. The morning started off with an appointment that went haywire, but luckly that was the only setback of the day. Afterwards, we shopped downtown where I made only a few purchases. Everything that is out is fall clothes which I am not able to wear here in Singapore. I did find a few things on the clearnce rack which was nice. We had lunch at Rockit Bar and Grill. I highly reccommend this place, its one of my favorites. Be sure to get their fries with Brie and mushrooms! Later in the evening we met one of my close friends and got a tour of her new condo. Love it! We then went to eat at a yummy BBQ place called Wrigley BBQ. Afterwards, we headed home. I slept while mom drove, I was exhausted!

Tuesday: On this day, I had a morning hair cut appointment. It was much need of this appointment!  I spent the afternoon with my grandparents. We had one of my favorite places for lunch, Portillo’s. The rest of the evening and afternoon we went to the outlet malls. I didn’t find much, bummer.

Wednesday: I got up and went to another workout at Crossfit DNA. This was an errand packed day. We had a lot to get done for the wedding festivities that were coming up. For dinner went to a friend’s house. It was great to see her new house and how big her baby had gotten!

Thursday: This was day one of wedding festivities! My cousin was getting married downtown Indianapolis and today was the day that we had our girls day celebration for her. We drove down early in the morning and met first for lunch at Taste. It is a super yummy place with salads and sandwiches, plus yummy fries. Next, we headed to Evan Todd Salon located in the Conrad. Everyone loved their services, I would totally go back! We had some time between the spa and dinner so we headed back to the hotel to get dressed and relax a bit. We stayed at the Hilton all weekend, it was a great location to get to all the wedding festivities. For dinner we ate at Cerulean. I had a yummy steak, the bride had the Salmon and my mom had the pork dish. All were delish! We had a starter of a cheese board which I would recommend too! After dinner we headed back to the hotel for some drinks and played catch phrase. It got a little rowdy and was definitely entertaining!



Friday: We ate breakfast at one of my favorite places in Indy, Patachou. I love this place. I had a bacon, cheddar and mushroom omelet with a side of fruit, ham, and cinnamon bread. The whole meal was just delightful! We had some errands to run for the wedding and got our nails done. Later in the evening we had the rehearsal at the statehouse and then ate at Becu di Peppa. After the meal I headed back to the hotel to visit with family.

IMG_8945IMG_8950 IMG_8956

Saturday: Wedding Day! The first bottle of champagne was popped at 8am! I think we drank about 8 bottles the whole weekend. I love celebrating with champagne! The bride and I got our hair done in the morning, ate breakfast and got ready with the rest of the bridesmaids. The ceremony took place at the statehouse at 11am with the reception following at the Skyline Club. The bride and groom looked beautiful and the day was a blast. I had the privileged of being the matron of honor.  After lunch we headed back to the hotel and changed into our college gear to watch some football(both of our teams ended up losing!) Later in the evening we headed to Kilroy’s for some added fun!

Getting Ready!

IMG_8968IMG_8974State House Ceremony
IMG_8988IMG_8991IMG_8999IMG_9003IMG_9007Reception at the Skyline ClubIMG_9025IMG_9019Matron of Honor Speech 🙂IMG_9033IMG_9060Back at the Hotel
IMG_9064The shared love of whiskey!IMG_9068This next picture is my favorite!IMG_9077IMG_9084IMG_9085IMG_9103Pictures around the monumentIMG_1631 IMG_1641Fun at Kilroy’s!IMG_1657 IMG_1658 IMG_1659 IMG_1660 IMG_1661

Sunday: Breakfast at Patachou again! I told you I loved this place! We then headed home afterwards. I didn’t do much of anything other than re-pack all of my bags and watch the bears game.

Monday: My flight back to Singapore.

I had a fun-filled week. I loved being able to see everyone that I did. Our next trip home will be next summer. It’s now everyone’s turn to come visit us!:)

I have more wedding pictures, if you are interested in seeing them leave a comment or send me an email and I will send you the link!


Bugis Street

**Note: This is from earlier in the summer. I’m back in the States this week for a quick trip back.  I will return to Singapore next week where I have a busy week planned exploring the city through food and photography! Let’s hope Taylor survives on his own!**

Bugis Street Market is an interesting shopping destination in Singapore. It is an indoor and outdoor market area that sells food, drink, clothing, eclectic items, souvenirs, and many other discounted merchandise. Stalls go on row for row with goods and extend to the outdoors. At first glance, shopping at Bugis can be intimidating because there is so much stuff. You will not find high end merchandise or high quality goods here. Some stalls you can haggle on price. In some respect, it reminds me of going to a flea market or visiting Shipshewana, Indiana with the amount of things there are to look at. Is it a shopping destination for everyone? No, but it is an experience!  It is located off the Bugis MRT station on the green line.

Here is the outside of the market:

photo (40)

Inside view:

photo (41)

Fruit Vendors: photo (44)

This is the durian fruit(below), it is one of the smelliest things I have ever smelled. This fruit is prohibited in enclosed spaces>(i.e. the mrt) I have yet to try, but they say it is tasty. photo (39)

More outdoor shopping:

photo (43)My treat to myself, pineapple juice. It cost S$1, super cheap!

photo (42)

Once again, sorry for the iphone photos!

Would you try eating the durian fruit?

What Does Taylor Do For Fun?

Lately all of the post have been about fun things that I have been doing, but today’s post is about one of the things that Taylor gets to do for fun.

He’s on a men’s softball team!

This past weekend he had an opening tournament and his team won! He plays with a team through the Singapore American Community Action Council which organizes many sports leagues for youth and teens plus the men’s softball. ( I may hold a little grudge that we have not found many opportunities for women or co-ed teams, but I can at least cheer from the sidelines!)

This past weekends games were played on both Saturday and Sunday, but going forward he will have one game every Sunday. The season is 8 months long, but is broken into two 4 month segments with a break around the holidays.  Living in the tropics allows for a longer season of play!

The games are played on the northern side of the island at the Terror Club. The Terror Club is a great facility that the league is lucky to have access to. It is a community club for  American, British, Australian and New Zealand Navy members. It has many sports facilities and a restaurant. Funny thing about the restaurant, all the prices were in American Dollars! Both days we ate there and drank Miller Light(the only place I’ve seen that!) cheaply! We were even able to take it down to the ball field which made being a fan on the sideline all day much more tolerable!

Here’s some pictures of Taylor in action! IMG_1594 IMG_1595 IMG_1596Cheering on his teamIMG_1615Playing right field. IMG_1613Tournament Champions!IMG_1621The #1 Fan! Notice the covered awning and the fans. The nice shelter along with the Miller Lights, made being a fan a bit easier in toasty Singapore!IMG_1579

A Visit to Bukit Brown Cemetery

Last week I went on a  walking tour to Bukit Brown Cemetery. I’m not one to often visit cemeteries on a whim, but this place has an interesting history and an even sad future.

From what I understand, Bukit Brown Cemetery is one of the largest Chinese Cemeteries outside of China. Its home to interesting grave stones in a lush jungle like setting. This place is not located far from the city center and it felt like I had been transported some place vastly different. There were amazing birds and we did get scared by a giant black snake at one point. I had the camera around my neck, but was too busy running away to snap a picture!

One of the reasons I decided to visit this site was because it is not going to be in existence for much longer. The government is planning on building a highway through the cemetery  and then building homes later on. It’s interesting that they are doing this because many important and historical families that helped Singapore become what it is today are buried here. Many Singaporeans are upset that they are losing some of there history and culture while on the other hand there are groups that find the need for expansion/building more important.

My visit here also tied into an activity that I did earlier in the week when I visited the Peranakan Museum here in Singapore. Peranakan applies to an ethnic group that lived in the British Straits Settlements, which included Singapore. Exploring Bukit Brown with the group,  we noticed on many occasions were there were Peranakan grave sites.

Here are some pictures from my tour. I’m not sure what all the statues are representative are, but later on I will do some research and update as I learn. In all, the details with the stone and tile work were impressive. I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves!IMG_8851 IMG_8854 IMG_8853 IMG_8857 IMG_8873 IMG_8867 IMG_8866 IMG_8865IMG_8874 IMG_8882 IMG_8881 IMG_8880 IMG_8879 IMG_8878 IMG_8877 IMG_8876 IMG_8875

*I’m not a history expert, if you’d more information use google!