Our Home in Singapore

After two and a half months we are finally settling into our home in Singapore. Upon our arrival we quickly started our home search. We looked at about 25 different places spread out among the central and western parts of the island. Our final pick ended up being the first place that we looked at. We are located near the hustle and bustle of the city, but have found a quiet nook to live in. We are close to a MRT station, walking distance to grocery stores, a bus line runs a short block away and for right now it is a fairly easy commute for Taylor to get to his office.

It took about 2 months for our sea shipment to arrive. That was a long two months! At that point unpacking felt like Christmas, being reunited with our belongings was wonderful. We have loved being able to sleep in our own bed,sit on our own couch, and easily cook our own food. Here is our sea shipment container, it was parked outside for about two days until they brought things up. We only had a few casualties in the move which included our tv stand, a couple of picture frames and a glass pitcher. All in all I was impressed!IMG_8828

We have had a few bumps in the road with our housing choice that we wished could have been prevented/fixed before we moved in. The renting process is much different here than in the States. To communicate our issues we first have to tell our agent who then tells the owner’s agent, then the owners agent tells the owner. Getting issues fixed has been beyond frustrating with this type of communication. In all we have had issues with a moldy washing machine, a dishwasher that didn’t work(just fixed yesterday!), the internet system not installed properly(won’t be fixed for another week!), buzzing lights, a smelly guest bath, the hot water heater in the kitchen leaking from the ceiling, and the freezer having a slight power issue. Surprisingly our apartment is only 2-3 years old and still has had all of these issues. We can’t wait for them all to be resolved!

We are still in the process of making our house a home, but with out further delay here is a brief sneak peak. You’ll have to come visit to see everything!

First up, our outdoor space. We have a lovely space that runs across the whole side of our unit. We were so glad that we were able to use the grill that we brought with. On some evenings will sit outside at our table for dinner. The doors that open from the living/dinning area and the bedrooms completely open so on a nice day with a breeze you can open everything up. This has not happened yet, its been too hot!IMG_8893IMG_8896

Next up, our living and dinning rooms.IMG_8892IMG_8900

Our kitchen spaces are next. In Singapore we have a dry and wet kitchen. The wet kitchen can be separated off from the rest of the space. It’s where you’re suppose to cook stinky food and you can close the air conditioning from going back there. In the wet kitchen we also have our laundry space along with the “maids quarters.” We do not have a maid so it is our extra storage space. IMG_8904

Then down this hall you have our bedrooms and bathrooms. You’ll have to come visit for the full tour!


Who’s booking their vacation?

One final thing!

I almost forgot!

We celebrated Taylor’s birthday this past weekend. Here is a picture of his cake! I was nervous baking here in Singapore with our oven and the weather, but it turned out perfect! It was a chocolate cake with mint frosting and topped with a chocolate gnache.

photo (48)


One thought on “Our Home in Singapore

  1. I love reading about your adventures…..keep them coming as this is the closest I will get to seeing it in person. Love to the both of you.

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