Summer Camping with the Family!

The last weekend I was home we went on a family camping trip to Raccoon Lake. Taylor had already headed back to Singapore to get back to work so he missed out on all of the fun.  It was a great weekend playing in the water, relaxing and eating camp fire food.

Our trip started a tad rocky. Everyone but my mom and I left for the trip Thursday morning. We left later in the afternoon pulling the boat. It is about a 3 hour drive to the campground and about an hour away the boat trailer tire  busted. Just imagine what we looked like on the side of the road! Unfortunately, all of the gear to use to change the tire was with the camper and the other truck that my dad pulled down earlier. We were pretty useless to solve our problem.  Good thing my mom’s phone worked, we called my dad and we found a service that had the heavy duty equipment for the trailer. IMG_1508The poor tire!
IMG_1509After sitting on the side of the road for at least an hour the tire was fixed and we were on our way!(Yes, we got the lawn chairs out to sit on and thankfully it was only in the 70s!) After making it to the campground we had a late dinner and relaxed around the fire.

Here is our picture of our camping compound. We had the pop-up camper and two tents for all of us on 2 nice sites.

IMG_1559We spent the whole day on Saturday on the water. We had two lovely boats that we relaxed and played on. We spent time laying around, eating, swimming, tubing, water skiing, and fishing.

The PontoonIMG_1523The Parents


IMG_1536IMG_1534IMG_1530We took the water ski’s out for a spin. I’m going to guess it’s been a good five years since I went out for a whirl and to my surprise I got up on the first time! We had some lessons and had some quick learners too!

P1000617The tube got some action too!IMG_1532

I’m nominating myself for the best fisher woman for the weekend. On Friday, the first cast I had I landed this fish. Let’s just say,  I did not make some little boys happy on how easily  I did that. Then, Saturday afternoon as we were fishing the same thing happened. First cast off the boat and what do you know, I had another fish.  I then retired from fishing so that others could try to catch some! 🙂 IMG_1512

Each night we had a nice campfire and had some pretty funny entertainers amusing us too. We also had some lovely s’mores cooked to perfection!


Some of my favorite things about camping is the food!. We had eggs, bacon, pancakes for breakfast. Yum! For dinner one night my dad made his famous ribs. I was so happy to get some of those this summer!

Breakfast Being CookedIMG_1558

Our Rib Dinner Night-Ribs, Corn and PotatoesIMG_1554

What is your favorite camping food?

I think mine might be S’mores!


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