Our First Weeks in Singapore

We’ve been up to a lot our first few weeks in Singapore.

First off, it was super hard for us to adjust to the time change. Our sleep schedule was way off! We often went to bed in the first few days around 6 or 7 pm and would wake up at 3 am! We have now adjusted for the most part, thankfully.

Until our sea shipment arrives we are staying in a furnished apartment. It has a nice pool and outdoor space, we are close to Orchard Rd.(lots of shopping), and close to a MRT station. Some of the cons are that the bed is super uncomfortable, I have only one skillet to try and cook meals with, and its just not ours. Hopefully our sea shipment arrives quickly and we find an apartment!

Here is what the living room and dinning room look like.


First Impressions:We have quickly found that eating and shopping are some of the favorite things for Singaporeans to do. Everywhere you look there is literally a high end shopping mall or a food court/hawker stand. It’s pretty amazing and overwhelming at the same time.

Eating: In the first day here we made an attempt at a food court/hawker stand. We ordered some spring rolls and a hainanese chicken dish. Both were tasty, but when the food was delivered I was not prepared to eat with chop sticks! Taylor easily mastered this task, but I struggled. I forsee some practice ahead for me!

photo (20)

The prices at the grocery store have blown our minds. Everything is imported which makes everything pricey. Some of our food choices will be changing! (A package of bacon is more than $20…sad day! Jeepers on the cost of wine!)

This can be found back in the States for about $10!

This can be found back in the States for about $10!

Tour: On our 3rd day here, Taylor’s company organized a city tour for us. We traveled around the city and up and down the east and west coasts. The tour took about 6 hours and helped us get an understanding of the city. We can’t wait until we have visitors because we were shown a lot of places that we can’t wait to explore more! On this tour we expanded our eating palate by eating at a restaurant named Zam, Zam(I believe it was an Indian/Middle Eastern restaurant, but I could by very wrong.) I don’t have pictures of our meal, but I believe we at something called chicken biryani(chicken, rice, spices), beef murtabak(this reminded me of a stuffed crepe in a way) served with curry that you dip it in, and another chicken and noodle dish.

IMG_1030On one of our stops on the east side of the island we saw this. It’s a water ski park, sans boat. My mind was blown. In the picture you can kind of see the pulley system track thingy.  Crazy!


This is also from the east side of the island, where the “man-made” beaches are. It might be hard to see in the picture, but the water is full of cargo ships waiting to get in. In this frame, I bet there were 50-100 ships. No wonder it takes us 2 months to get are sea shipment, it sits out there for awhile!

Random: We have also spent a lot of time finishing the Visa process, setting up bank accounts, and navigating the transportation system(super clean!) and trying out some crossfit boxes. So far we’ve been to Crossfit Fire City and Reebok Crossfit Enduro.

Apartment Search: We started the search for our home while we are here in Singapore. The search process is a tad bit different than if we were getting an apartment in the States.  We have a Realtor who has found places for us within our requests and budget and schedules viewings for us. At each viewing the representative for the apartment we are looking at also needs to be present. It’s a hectic process and your time schedule can easily be thrown off if someone does not arrive on time. We’re still in the narrowing down process and looking for the right neighborhood along with the just right place.  Hopefully in the next few posts I’ll be able to share about our new home!

Lastly, my mind was blown and I have comfort that a little piece of home(Chicago) is here with us.

photo (21)GARRETT’S POPCORN!!! I would stand inline on Michigan Avenue and wait forever to get some!


7 thoughts on “Our First Weeks in Singapore

  1. Looks like an awesome few weeks. The living room is pretty, like something in a showroom at IKEA. So glad you adjusting. What an awesome adventure thus far .

  2. Mary- – Andrew will be so ready to come visit. He is currently spending a month at Kent State learning Chinese. He will definitely want to come try out his new language. Enjoy your adventure. Such a great experience.

  3. Mary….Missed you and Taylor at family reunion. Love looking at the pictures and reading your posts. Good luck with the apartment hunting! Love, Phyllis

  4. Thanks for the update, and best of luck finding your new temporary home… I do say temporary because don’t forget you are on loan to Singapore, not there permanently! cant wait to see you in a few weeks and BTW I rented a pontoon for that Saturday so we can chill on the party Barge!

  5. Mary and Taylor, the Blog is a great idea! We can all lurk and see what life in Singapore is like. I’m sure you’ll master chopsticks quickly, Mary. Looks like bacon may not be in your food plan on a regular basis! If food is the expensive, how expensive is housing there?
    Can’t wait to see you and hear stories!
    Love, Jeanne Ann

  6. Thanks for everyone reading our blog and leaving comments! Aunt Kathy, I’ve been lucky so far with the language as everyone speaks English, but I do hear Chinese spoken very often! Phyllis, hopefully I’ll get to see you soon! Phil, this sounds like its going to be a rockin’ party weekend! Jeanne Ann, I’m totally stocking up on my bacon fix for the 2 weeks I’m coming back(that and wine.) You don’t even want to know what the housing costs are! I’ll post more about that later! 🙂

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