We’re Off!

Two Sundays ago we started our next adventure and took off to live in Singapore. We had a long day of travel ahead of us. Taylor’s dad had traveled to DC to pick up Taylor’s car and say a final good bye. We were glad to have a send off and his help to take our luggage to the airport. Unfortunately, the rental car we had(a mustang convertible!) would not fit all of our bags.

All of our bags for the flight! Each checked bag topped out between 55-70 pounds!

All of our bags for the flight! Each checked bag topped out between 55-70 pounds!

Our first flight took off at 12:30 to take us to Tokyo. The flight was about 13 hours long. Taylor, having traveled to Asia before, knew what this long flight was like, but this was by far the farthest and longest I had ever flown. Thank goodness for business class! We had lay flat seats which kept us much more comfortable. Unfortunately, in our upcoming trips home we will not have the luxury of business class. Boo! On this flight I watched about 4 movies, a few TV shows and only slept for a bit.

Champagne for take off!

Champagne for take off!

In Tokyo we had a two hour layover that went pretty fast. The flight from Tokyo to Singapore was about 7 hours. By this time we were both exhausted. I watched one movie, we ate dinner, and we slept the rest of the flight. We arrived safely in Singapore around 1 AM we breezed through immigration and customs, grabbed our bags and went directly to the furnished apartment we will staying in until our sea shipment arrives with our belongings.

We arrived!

We arrived!


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