Two Hectic Weeks!

Before our big move we had two hectic weeks! Our lives consisted of sorting our apartment into categories(storage, sea shipment, air shipment, packing on the plane, and good will),stocking up on essentials to add to the sea shipment, selling cars(Yes, the shitty Chevy Mailbu was sold, I can’t believe some actually bought it!) and saying good byes. Our last week was spent in a hotel living out of suit cases as the movers came  Monday and Tuesday and we did not fly out until Sunday.

Here is some of what our life looked like.

Friday night of Memorial day weekend we had box seats at the Washington Nationals Game.

Our View

Our View

The rest of the weekend consisted of sorting. There are no pictures of this, because our place was an utter disaster!

We had a large Costco trip. We stocked up on toilet paper, paper towels, ziplocs, other kitchen stuff, medicines, shampoos, and other toiletries. Here is what our cart looked liked.

Costco Cart-filled to the brim!

Costco Cart-filled to the brim!

As a treat and fare well to DC we purchased a white chocolate capital building. Walking around Costco with that brought about conversation with others in the store!

Taylor, cutting into the chocolate Capital

Taylor, cutting into the chocolate Capital

The next weekend we flew home to Indiana for a wedding. It was a beautiful wedding and a great time to catch up one last time with our friends from Purdue. We spent some quality time at Harry’s, of course.  On Sunday, we had a big lunch at with both sides of our families at Lafayette Brewing Company as a good bye lunch.

The Purdue Gang

The Purdue Gang

IMG_1010The movers came and packed us up on Monday and Tuesday. We stayed in a hotel in our neighborhood the remainder of the week. We ate at some of our favorite restaurants, I finished out teaching for the school year, and Taylor wrapped up his final work.

photo (15)photo (11)


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