We Eat Paleo and Do Crossfit

As active individuals, Taylor and I both enjoy playing sports and being physically active. We both grew up playing a variety of sports, enjoyed competing on teams, and playing and being active in general. When we moved to D.C. we quickly joined intramural teams(flag football, soccer, softball, kickball) and Taylor found this thing called Crossfit.

Almost three years a journey of becoming healthier and fitter people began. Taylor started Crossfitting at Potomac Crossfit first.(check out Patriotcrossfit.com) I was a bit hesitant and totally in the mindset that I was already “healthy” and “fit” and I did not need to try this new fad. It took him about 9 months of badgering before I jumped on the band wagon. Holy Cow! I was so wrong and out of touch about my  level of fitness. The challenge that Crossfit brought me, competition, community, and the progress I was making(and continue to make) has kept me going back. By joining the Crossfit community we were introduced to the Paleo Diet by participating in a 5 week “Paleo Challenge.” For 5 weeks we adopted the “diet” and saw results.

The Paleo Diet in a nutshell is eating the way our ancestors ate. Meaning we eat primarily meat, vegetables  fruits, nuts, seeds, fats and oils. We eat foods that are whole foods.  We try to avoid processed foods and foods  such as grains, sugars, dairy and legumes. Do we not ever, ever eat sugar grains, etc?? No, there are times that we do eat these type of foods, like special occasions. We have realized that when we do introduce grains, sugars, etc. into our diet we do not feel good after eating them! We have found this was of eating makes us  feel better and is something that we enjoy.

We choose to eat this lifestyle change because it makes us feel better(energy, no sugar crashes, etc.), we look good, and we perform well. Our first “Paleo Challenge” two years ago was a shock to our body system and our general way of life. We had to shop differently, cook differently, etc. It was very much a process that wasn’t pretty. Who knew that our bodies relied on so much sugar and carbs! After the 5 week challenge we saw results and kept with the way of eating. We ate Paleo about 80% of the time and often see challenges to eating around the holidays and on vacations. We continue with this way of eating because it has produced results. Over the two year period I have lost 30 pounds and have seen changes in my overall body composition. This past January, we participated in another “Paleo Challenge” wanting to clean-up our diet and start the year off well. Over 120 people from our gym participated and I was named a top three “winner” in our gym. Winners were based off of performance during workouts and before and after pictures.

Through the 5 week challenge I documented some of our meals to share!

Questions?? Just ask! If you’re really curious if it works or not, we have pictures to prove the changes in our bodies that we can share!(I’m not going to post for the whole world to see!)


Below are great resources for more information about Paleo. We often find recipes on many of these websites!







Cookbook: Practical Paleo