Happy 2013!

Happy New Year….only a few days late! We had a super busy holiday home and busy start to the year. We left home the Saturday before Christmas and headed to Indiana for the 10 hour drive! We had an easy drive without traffic or bad weather. Once home, things got busy! I made dozens of cookies with my mom and made our families famous “Aunt Lucy” bread. Here was what was left of the cookies after dinner on Christmas Eve!

We had an eventful Christmas Eve, spending the day in the ER with my grandfather. (He’s feeling much better now!) For dinner, my dad(and Taylor helped too!)cooked the traditional dinner of prime rib and we had family and friends over. Christmas morning we woke up to Santa and the wonderful presents he brought. Christmas day was a pretty lazy day. We had a Christmas day dinner of Turkey and the fixings.  Our travel schedule did get thrown for a loop with a huge blizzard was expected for the next part of our trip. Instead of waiting to leave to drive to Ithaca the next day we left Tuesday night. We drove through the night and beat the snow. All I can say is, holy cow that is a lot of driving. Taylor did most of the driving and we did stop to sleep for a bit. All in all, we made it to Ithaca in one piece to see Taylor’s family for Christmas #2!
In  Ithaca, we relaxed, ate, played in the snow, ate some more, shopped and had fun with the family. I had not been to Ithaca before and it is a super cute place. I’d love to go back. 
Christmas Dinner #2!
Christmas Dinner #2! Or, what was left of it!
The nail salon
The nail salon. Taylor has some hidden talents!
Cooking Show
Cooking Show

Before we headed out of town we did a little exploring in the snow. Our first stop was at Taughannock Falls, where the snow made a beautiful scene. The pictures don’t due justice to the beauty! We also visited two wineries on our way back. We enjoyed Sheldrake Point Vineyard the best! We bought a bottle or riesling home with us.IMG_8652

Sheldrake Point Winery

Sheldrake Point Winery



Taughannock Falls,


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